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Catch The Catch - C.C. Catch

Catch The Catch


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Interpret: C.C. Catch
Album-Titel: Catch The Catch
Tracks: 8
Label: Hansa
Vertrieb: Ariola
Wiederveröffentlichung: 28.10.2005 (auf 'The 80's Album')
  1. Cause You Are Young (Maxi-Version)
  2. I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Maxi-Version)
  3. You Shot A Hole In My Soul (Maxi-Version)
  4. One Night's Not Enough
  5. Strangers By Night (Maxi-Version)
  6. Stay (Maxi-Version)
  7. Jump In My Car (Maxi-Version)
  8. You Can Be My Lucky Star Tonight (Maxi-Version)

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1986: Catch The Catch      Hansa
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